September “One a Day” prayer team

Petula Myers-C&MA missionary in Bosnia-Herzegovina

September 1—Pray for a good day together for our IW team in Bosnia as they worship together in Zenica.

September 2—Pray for the Strand kids (Simeon, Lydia, and Benjamin) as they start school today. They just moved to Sarajevo a month ago.

September 3—Pray for the Strand family as they continue to adjust to their life in Bosnia Herzegovina.

September 4—Pray for our new intern, Joshua, who will be with our Bosnia IW team through November. Pray for Joshua as he settles in to his new surroundings in Sarajevo.

September 5—Pray for the invitations that are being sent out this week for our 9th Izvor Film Seminar.

September 6Pray for preparations for the evangelist Nick Vujcic who will be visiting Bosnia Herzegovina at the end of October.

September 7—Pray for Petula’s visits to local high schools as our Bosnia IW team prepares to start the film seminar at the end of this month.  

September 8Pray for work we are doing on a possible peer counseling program to be implemented in local high schools in the spring.

September 9—Pray for a good start to our Fall Adult English 1 on 1’s.

September 10—Pray that we will get a good crop of new students this week as we do entrance testing for our 1 on 1 English program.

September 11Pray for our worship team as we look to begin including some of the church youth on a more regular basis.

September 12Pray for us to be able to get in the new curriculum we need for our kids program starting at the end of September.

September 13Pray for all those who will be working as instructors for our film seminar that the Lord will give us opportunities to share Christ with them.

September 14—Pray for opportunities to partner in additional ways with the high schools participating in this year’s Izvor Film Festival.

September 15—Pray for our Women’s Bible Study that we will continue to grow in our relationships with one another and in our knowledge of the Lord and His Word.

September 16—Pray for the Strands as they officially jump in to full-time language learning.

September 17—Pray for final preparations for the Izvor Film Seminar and the 20 or so high school students who will be attending.

September 18—Pray for our relationships with returning and new adult English 1 on 1 students.

September 19—Pray for a great start to our High School Film Seminar.

September 20-Susan Sherl-Miller-Pray for our speaker and leadership team for the upcoming youth conference as they make final preparations for next weekend.

September 21—Pray that the students in our seminar are able to absorb everything they are learning over the next 2 days.

September 22—Pray for the Lord to open new doors for sharing Christ through the relationships we are building during our film seminar.

September 23—Pray for preparations for our Kids Corner programs as they begin this next weekend.

September 24—Pray for the families whose kids attend Kids Corner that we will have opportunities to share Christ with them.

September 25—Pray for the Lord to provide more interns for us for the winter and spring seasons.

September 26—Pray for the Lord to bless our churches and their leadership and for us to see new growth in all the churches in the coming year.

September 27—Pray for the approximately 15 people who have come to Christ in the last year that they will continue to grow deep roots in Him.

September 28—Pray for the team that will be assisting with filming our students short films as they begin filming next week.

September 29—Pray for the students’ films that they will be done and well received by those who will be viewing them after their completion next month.

September 30—Pray for the Lord to open doors for us to partner with local counseling groups as we seek to start a counselor training program and mental health awareness seminars for local high school teachers and students.

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