September “One a Day” prayer team

Petula Myers-C&MA missionary in Bosnia-Herzegovina

September 1—Lorie AdamsPray for us to be able to finish the Camp 10th Anniversary DVD today.

September 2-Kaleb Havens-Pray for safe travel to and from our team meeting in Mostar and a good time together.

September 3-Wendy Langebartels-Pray for preparations for our Fall term as we start our kids program this weekend and have English testing next week.

September 4—Mike Fonner-Pray for the Pastor’s meeting today.

September 5-Mark Hunt-Pray for our visas to be completed soon.

September 6-Bryce Langebartels-Pray for final preparations for our kids’ program and the arrival of our mid-term ministry couple next week.

September 7-Mike Vanderipe-Pray for a great start to our Kids Corner English groups today.

September 8-Carolyn Barger-Pray for a good day of rest.

September 9Jennifer Aldridge-Pray for our first round of testing today as we implement a new testing system for our adult ESL programs.

September 10-Denny Esslinger-Pray for Chris and Emily as they arrive today to start their 3 month term in Sarajevo.

September 11-Megan Whiteley-Pray for us to find additional funding for our Film Seminar next month so we can expand the number of participants and improve the quality of our films.

September 12-Kyle Whiteley-Pray for Emily and Chris as they settle in to their new apartment and prepare for classes next week.

September 13-Stacey Neal-Pray my Fridays working at the church that they will help to strengthen our relationship with the local church and assist them in ministering more effectively.

September 14-Amy and Ashley Hutchcraft-Pray for Mark and Kathy Eikost as they minister in Vares with Mario and Dejana.

September 15-Mae Schaadt-Pray our local churches that they will continue to grow numerically larger and spiritually deeper.

September 16-Kendra and Eric Simpson-Pray for a great start to our Fall class schedule, especially for Emily as she starts her Intermediate English class today.

September 17-Frank Leone-Pray for Chris as he begins his Graphic Design class today and safe travel for the Eikosts as they go to Turkey for a three week seminar.

September 18-Lorie AdamsPray for a good start to my Elementary English class today.

September 19-Beth and Brian Hood-Pray for a good start to Chris’ Web Design class tonight.

September 20-Susan Sherl-Miller-Pray for our speaker and leadership team for the upcoming youth conference as they make final preparations for next weekend.

September 21-Barbara Myers-Pray for a good response to our Film Seminar invitations and that we will receive the funding need to implement our expanded program.

September 22-Travis Hamilton-Pray for good contacts and relationship building during our 1on1 English appointments.

September 23-Angi Bostick-Pray for all the teens and young adults who will be attend this weekend’s Youth Conference that they are open to what God has for them.

September 24—Tim Winger-Pray my co-workers, Todd Dinius and Laura Eckman as they tour in the US for the next two months.

September 25-Doug Lightle-Pray for Karen Dinius and the Dinius’ kids as Todd is away for the next few months on tour.

September 26-Vicki Crawford-Pray for Mark and Viviane Shady and the Evangelical Bible School and its students as they prepare to begin their Fall term.

September 27Bev Madden-.Pray for safe travel for everyone coming to the Youth Conference.

September 28-Arin GrahamPray for the Spirit to touch the hearts of all those attending this weekend’s Youth Conference.

September 29-Karen Minnich-Pray for renewed passion to reach their country for Christ for all the teens and young adults who attended this weekend’s Youth Conference.

September 30-Anita Weishaupt– Pray for the final preparations for our Film Seminar which starts next month and all those who will be working on and attending this month long project.

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